October is National Depression Awareness Month!
Depression: Breaking the Silence!
Friday October 16th

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Genesis Project Mission Statement

The Genesis Project is committed to the development of programs that address the factors that perpetuate poverty, addiction, oppression and abuse.

Genesis Project services are provided in homes, schools, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, street locations, etc. Consumers participate in determining the activities that most meet their needs and interests. Our services are designed to provide a professional and confidential setting for the psychological, emotional, and developmental support of families as they pursue collective and individual goals and explore personal growth. We act as a resource for communities and schools to assist with their interactions with struggling families.

Goals: Youth and their families will develop an increased self-identity, esteem, awareness, communication, goal setting, coping, life promotion/management and decision-making skills through their participation in therapy, psycho-educational groups, intensive case management, and community support services; as well as, advocacy and experential activities designed to deter negative life choices and generational cycles.



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