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Services Overview

Because we primarily work with families in crisis, we strive to promote coping, life promotion/management and engagement skills that are alternatives to behaviors that are injurious and detrimental to self or others; provide choices of activities that are meaningful to our consumers; and share control over decisions with the consumers or their legally responsible person and staff. Through our practice, we have found that at-risk families in the Charlotte community and the large majority of GP1 families have numerous obstacles that supersede their mental health needs and impact their ability to access treatment. It is nearly impossible to provide effective mental health treatment for families who, for example, are homeless or facing financial crisis, without assisting them in the area of their greatest current need. Therefore, we have developed the RISE Treat model that is aimed at promoting holistic health to the community and the families that we serve:


RISE Family Treatment Model

RISE Treatment Goals:

  • Relationship: Improve Family Cohesion and Communication
  • Identity: Increase youth’s self esteem and coping skills so that they are able to effectively navigate their various life domains.
  • Structure: Provide parents/caregivers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to positively and effectively parent their child(ren) throughout all
  • Empowerment: The family is encouraged to seek healthy development in the 5 Pillars of Health:

I.       Mental Health & Wellness

II.     Spiritual Health & Wellness

III.    Financial Health & Wellness (Academic wellness for youth)

IV.   Physical Health & Wellness

V.    Social/Relationship Health & Wellness


With this focus, we provide psychotherapy, intensive case management, in home services, medication management, psychosocial programming, and community wide initiatives, all in a team based clinical environment. Our referral base consists of Youth & Family Services social workers, school counselors, Inpatient hospital facilities, Employee Assistance Programs, Legal Aid of Southern Piedmont, and self referring families.



Professional Training and Consumer Classes

Genesis Project offers professional training and development to organizations, schools, and community partners who regularly encounter challenging youth and their families. Trainings are designed to increase awareness and skill level of staff so that consumer needs as well as organizational needs can effectively be met. Genesis Project also provides structured groups and classes such as parenting power, marriage enhancement, conflict resolution, self esteem, anger management, etc. to consumers, throughout the year.



Individual, Family, Group therapy services are offered to all consumers enrolled in Genesis Project 1, Inc program. Counseling is available for such matters as: anxiety, depression, loneliness, identity, self esteem. family violence, sexual abuse, stress and anger management, spirituality, eating disorders, alcohol/drug use/abuse, family and relationship concerns, grief and loss, family stress, sexual orientation, displacement, acculturation, academic and behavior problems, and developmental issues.


Play Therapy

Play therapy is generally used with young children. Through selected play materials this empirically based therapeutic modality provides a way for the child to fully express and explore self (feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors) through play, the child’s natural medium of communication, leading to optimal growth and development. Children’s experiences and knowledge are often communicated through play and it becomes an important vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and others.

Child Centered Play Therapy is effective with young children who have experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect, have witnessed domestic violence, and are struggling with mental health and/or medical disorders, who are experiencing academic problems, and for youngsters who are experiencing relational difficulties with their primary support group or peer group.


Filial Therapy & Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT)

We offer filial therapy for all parents who wish to promote attachment, development, and healing for their children. Filial therapy is an alternative method for treating children in which a parent is used as an ally in the therapeutic process. The parent becomes the child's primary therapeutic agent.

Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT) is a ten session parent training program that is designed to help strengthen the relationship between a parent/caregiver and a child. Parents/caregivers are trained in the skills of play therapy by a therapist trained in play therapy procedures. Parents/caregivers learn the skills of play therapy and proceed by engaging their child in weekly 30 minute play therapy sessions


Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)

Genesis Project's Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) is an intensive day treatment option for children and adults diagnosed with chemical addiction disorders. The curriculum incorporates chemical addiction treatments, including Twelve Step facilitation and Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy approaches. SAIOP clients meet 3 days per week for 3 hours per day.


Intensive Case Management, Community Support, and Advocacy

Genesis Project, Inc.’s Intensive Case Management and Community Support services are designed to provide treatment support, advocacy, and direct intervention for consumers and their families, in addition to, arranging, coordinating, and monitoring services on behalf of the consumer. The overarching goal is to assist the consumers in achieving and maintaining established goals and acquiring the skills necessary to successfully address personal, social, educational, vocational, and housing needs.

Our professional staff provides coordination of movement across levels of care, directly to the person and their family through collaboration with the consumer, stakeholders, and community partners. Staff coordinates discharge planning and community re-entry following hospitalization, residential services and other levels of care.


Clinical Structure & Service Delivery

Because of the high level of needs of the families that we typically serve, every family participating in Genesis Project services is assigned an entire clinical team as opposed to one individual staff person. The team is responsible for providing a holistic wrap around service approach for every member of the family. Our Clinical teams consist of the following:

  • Team Leads who are Doctoral level or Master’s level with extensive experience.
  • Master’s Level Psychotherapists who provide the individual, family, and group counseling.
  • Case Coordinators (case managers) who are Qualified Professionals as defined by the state of NC.
  • Field Counselors who are Qualified Professional, and
  • Clinical Assistants who are Associate Professional level practitioners.
  • Graduate Level Interns

Clinical Teams work together to provide comprehensive wrap around clinical services for all families. The initial goal is to form a Child and Family Team (CFT) comprised of family members, natural supports, mentors, and service providers from Genesis and other agencies. The CFT remains in place to coach, support, and motivate the family to meet their personal, vocational, and collective goals.



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